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Car Detailing

Car Detailing

The experts of Allure Auto Spa provide car detailing services to clean and restore a vehicle to good condition. With our labor-intensive and precise car detailing, we can give your car a newer look. It is crucial to keep your vehicle in its best possible state, from a mechanical to aesthetic point of view. We ensure your car gets a smoother finish without damaging any part during the detailing process. Our workforce follows a systematic approach and methods to provide professional car detailing. 


What Car Detailing Services Do We Offer?

Although we cover every car detailing service to improve your car's aesthetics, you can ask for any assistance you need that is not listed with us. We provide you with all the necessary services.


You can avail of our car detailing service for the following benefits:

  • 15-20 days of paint protection

  • Allure signature service

  • Lite removal of interior stains

  • Lite exterior bug and tar removal

  • Carnauba spray application

  • Complete blowout and vacuum of the full interior, including trunk section, under and side of seats

  • Shampoo upholstery carpet and wash mats

  • Complete leather cleaning and leather conditioning using light

  • Non-greasy shiny leather treatment

  • Complete clay to remove contaminants from all paint

  • Cleaning of all door jams

  • All exterior black trimmed dressed

  • Clean and trim all windows, interior, and exterior 

  • One step polish to remove minor imperfections on the surface of the paint 

  • And much more on your request. 

Our intensive car detailing treatment can enhance your car's appearance and performance at reasonable rates. 


Contact Us To Restore The Original Look Of Your Car!

We provide auto detailing with high-quality products and special treatment at Allure Auto Spa. Our skilled team can turn your car look into a fabulous-looking one with the help of various techniques. Contact us to give a new life to your car.

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