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Car Washing

Car Washing

There are several long-lasting benefits of car washing. It not only removes stains and dirt but also ensures your health is not affected by the untidy condition of the car. Car washing may include interior, exterior, and seat covers. Allure Auto Spa follows expert car washing techniques to remove all the dirt and sticky material to provide a clean interior and exterior to your car. 


When you have your car professionally cleaned, soap and water will remove any impurities from the car's body, preserving the paint and other components of your car by keeping them clean. It will eventually help your car stay in better condition and last longer. 

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What Car Cleaning Services Do We Offer?

Your windows, mirrors, and even tires should be free of debris before you embark on a drive. You will never have to worry about these places being too unclean to drive with if you regularly take your car to the car wash. We help you to keep the tires, rear window, side mirrors, and windshield in good condition and secure for your upcoming trip.

Our car washing services include:

  • Vacuuming the interior and wiping off the dashboard

  • Hand washing and drying

  • Cleaning tires, rims, and wheels

  • Air blowing of water from trims and mirrors 

  • Wiping door jams

  • Cleaning windows and mirrors

  • Tire shine application

  • Spray shine application

  • And much more 

Regular car washes help prevent scratching, rusting, dull paint, and other things that decrease the value of your car. A weekly or bi-weekly car wash can help you maintain the aesthetics of your car. Additionally, its timely cleaning also ensures hygiene and the removal of pests.


Book A Car Wash Today To Keep It Sparkling Clean!

There are a couple of reasons to keep your car clean. However, hiring a professional can ensure no corner is left untouched, and you get a dirt-free car. Allure Auto Spa helps you keep your ride clean with its effective services. Book a car cleaning with us and preserve your car's value.

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