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Our Services!

Cars are a necessity and also a way of showing prosperity for some. However, maintaining the car's aesthetics is as crucial as keeping its engine and brakes working. A well-polished, scratch-free car increases its value and provides a comfortable ride. It sounds easy to keep the car clean, but at a point in time, you become too busy and stop following the maintenance routines. Allure Auto Spa meets all your car's aesthetic needs under a single roof. 


Deep car cleaning requires specialized material, equipment, and expert labor. We have the essential tools and knowledge to keep your car in shining condition. Below are the services we offer to take care of your car's interior and exterior:

  • Car Detailing


When a car looks good, you feel good driving and traveling in it. Car detailing services aim to eliminate the invisible dirt that adheres to your vehicle's body. We offer interior and exterior car detailing services, including complete blowout, shampoo upholstery, exterior plastic treatment, and more, as per your requirement. 


  • Car Waxing


Car wax is typically applied all over the car to protect the paint from damage from elements, such as dust and weather. Waxing your car can give it an extra shine, giving it a quick facelift that might even raise the price you sell it. You can avail of our high-quality car waxing services in the form of premium spray wax, hybrid hand wax, and more. 


  • Car Washing


Although most car owners follow a routine for car washing, taking experts' help can ensure every corner of your car is clean. You can contact us for hand washing and drying, cleaning all interior & exterior glasses, cleaning tires, and other things you need. 


  • Ceramic


You can add a ceramic coating to your car's body to protect it from damage like corrosion. We offer services like express wax and ceramic to enhance your car's value and look. 


Keeping a car in good condition makes it safer for you to drive. For instance, a mirror with a layer of dust can cause trouble while driving, and a seat cover filled with dust particles can be problematic for individuals with breathing issues. 


Maintain The Car's Aesthetics And Enhance Its Value!

Car wash facilities have been erected to provide impeccable services to individuals who want to maintain their car's value. You can spare yourself some time by booking a cleaning session with us. At Allure Auto Spa, we offer a full range of cleaning and detailing services for your vehicle. Contact us to get professional cleaning with a personal touch on your car.

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